The Portfolio

Tipster 1) HorseracingtipsOnline – uses a system of identifying horses which have a better chance of winning a race than the bookies price would suggest.  Fee £35/month for text service, first set of tips usually between 12-1pm others sent through the day.  Level stakes recommended.  Tipster 1 finished after 14 months in The Portfolio with a ROI=1.2%, LSP=28.55 from 1914 bets placed.

Tipster 2)  GetYourTipsOut – with over 70,000 followers Get Your Tips Out is the most successful and well renowned horse racing tipping service on twitter.  However with tips on every race every day it can be difficult to stay on top of.  I have found that a more manageable way to profit is by following their tips from a selection of the major festivals only:

– Daily NAP (£5/pt) 2016 results 348 bets, LSP = 14.62 pts, ROI=2.1%

– Jan/Feb/Mar Dubai World Cup Carnival Meetings (£5/pt) 2016 results 51 bets, LSP=-0.79 pts, ROI=-0.01%

– Mar Cheltenham Festival (£10/pt) 2016 results 41 bets, LSP=20.3 pts, ROI=29.0%

– Mar The Dubai World Cup (£10/pt) 2016 results 8 bets, LSP=0.5 pts, ROI=3.33%

– Jun Royal Ascot (£10/pt) 2016 results 40 bets, LSP=9.7 pts, ROI=14.5%

– Nov Breeders Cup (£10/pt) 2016 results 13 bets, LSP=-3.0 pts, ROI=-11.5%

Tipster 3) Golf Punters Guide – for the weekly PGA tour tournaments that take place throughout the calendar year, Sam Hallop combines his current knowledge with statistical research and prices available to produce a shortlist of players who he thinks represent value.  No fee, Tips usually posted by 12pm every Tuesday, staking plan included, Current Level Stake = £10 for PGA tour events £15 for the 4 majors and The Players Championship. Tipster 3 finished after 35 months in The Portfolio with a ROI=4.6%, LSP=245.67 from 730 bets  

Tipster 4)  Betted888 – I would not class myself as a tipster as such but more of a tireless researcher.  I am a Statistician by trade and the geek within enjoys looking through reams of daily statistical horse racing form data (mainly from formbet).  Any value bets I come across and selections from tipsters who are being transitioned into the portfolio will be posted on the Bets Page.  Staking plan included.  Current Level Stake = £10

Tipster 5) Value Horse Tips (VHT) – Morning Service offers professional, profitable and good value horse tips.  Although these tips are freely available on twitter posted between 12-1pm I recommend paying the fee of £17/month for the service in order to get better value prices, 3-5 selections daily via email, staking plan included.  Tipster 5 finished after 21 months in The Portfolio with a ROI=2.39%, LSP=84.2 from 1514 bets placed.

Tipster 6) Gaz Sax Racing – I’m reintroducing Gaz into the portfolio after a stink on the Bet Share platform back in 2014/2015.  He is a National Hunt expert and has provided me with several gems over the years.  He has recently started a new service where he provides daily tips via email.  Staking plan included.  Current level Stake = £10

Tipster 7) The Betting Expert Daily Nap – each day as part of his daily preview, the Betting Expert racing analyst Stephen Harris will post his Nap, Best bet of the Day.  No fee, Tip usually available by 9am, Level Stakes Recommended,  1 pt per day on the NAP.  Tipster 7 finished after 20 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-1.30%, LSP=4.42 from 542 bets placed.

Tipster 8) Winningracingtips – Paul Ruffy is a professional gambler who has been making consistent profits since this service launched in July 2006.  Fee £17.50/month, Tips sent via text usually around 1pm, Staking Plan included, Level stakes slightly higher because of the low volume of tips (approx 15 per month) Current Level Stake = £50. No longer in use.  Tipster 8 finished after 29 months in The Portfolio with a ROI=5.07%, LSP=4.76 from 490 bets placed.

Tipster 9) Cd Systems Daily Bargain – if you aspire towards betting professionally, the Daily Bargain service will guide you through the process.  Even if you don’t have those aspirations, you can set in motion a simple investment which has the potential to consistently out-perform any conventional high-street package.  Steve Jones is a long-standing professional sports investor and journalist.  His profitable private service has been subject to much acclaim since its introduction in 2000. No longer in use.  Tipster 9 finished after 12 months in The Portfolio with a ROI=-11.73%, LSP=-9.12 from 322 bets placed.

Tipster 10) Overpriced Horse Tips – a service offering value racing tips with evening selections sent, via email, between 7-8 pm and morning selections sent between 9-10am.  A full set of past results can be viewed in the favourites area of their twitter feed @OverpricedTips  The fee is reasonable at £10 per month.  No longer in use.  Tipster 10 finished 9 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-7.90%, LSP=-24.70 from 547 bets placed.

Tipster 11) The Overrule – a tennis betting service that is tailored to the needs of individual subscribers covering professional tennis at ATP, WTA, Davis Cup, Fed Cup and Grand Slam level.  The aim of The Overrule is to provide subscribers value in tennis betting where it concerns pre-match match betting and outright/specials markets as well as input into opportunities that exist through in-play betting.  The fee for the service is £200 per season.  Current Level Stakes = £25.  No longer in use.  Tipster 11 finished 13 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-2.51%, LSP=6.53 from 194 bets placed.

Tipster 12a) FormBet Saturday Best Bets – Dave McCuley’s Formbet Ratings are the best of it’s type bar none.  Using his excel power ratings, forecast odds, pace & speed figures, in-depth trainer & jockey statistics he provides profitable Best Bets betting advice. This all results in the most unique, informative and profitable horse racing service anywhere.  We will be using this service for Saturday Best Bets only NOT major festivals covered by GYTO as we do not want to overload.  Current Level Stakes = £10

Tipster 12b) Formbet Filtered Stat Bets – As part of the ratings Dave provides statistically significant indicators (SDStat/TJStat) which have proven to be extremely profitable when simply backing blind, LSP=2648 ROI=69% from 3831 selections since Feb 2013.  We are going to add in an extra filter (POW V0%) in order to lower the number of selections, however the strike rate will remain low at approx 11% so please bear this in mind.  These can be backed by going through the daily ratings manually but I would instead recommend using the Autobot tool (for more info on how to set this up drop me a line and I will email you full instructions).  Currently on hold

Tipster 13) RaceClear – is a free daily tipping service which we have been keeping an eye on for quite a while, the time has come for his chance to join the elite tipsters in the portfolio.  We will NOT be using this service for major festivals covered by GYTO as we do not want to overload.  Bets usually up on site around 12 midday.  Current Level Stakes = £10.  No longer in use.  Tipster 13 finished 22 months in The Portfolio with ROI=0.08%, LSP=6.3 from 1259 bets placed.

Tipster 14) Paul Motty snooker tips – Paul is a professional gambler and journalist and one of his forte’s is snooker.  Here writes previews for all major snooker events for Betfair Exchange usually selecting one player for each quarter as well as daily tips throughout tournaments.  Current Level Stakes £5

Tipster 15) – Finding value selections while developing the next evolution in form analysis.  We have kept a close eye on raceradar for the past couple of years and he is with out doubt one of the most consistent tipsters on twitter.  I recommend setting up a twitter notification on your phone so you don’t miss any of his selections.  Tipster 15 finished 3 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-39.97%, LSP=-44.70 from 140 bets placed.

Tipster 16)  – value selections that have very realistic chances as well as finding the odd no hoper who may just surprise.  Selections around 5-6pm the day before so as to ensure we get the best value.  Results page show Mar 2013 – Dec 2014 based on 1pt EW.  Current level stakes £5.  No longer in use.  Tipster 16 finished 5 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-11.3%, LSP=-59.6 from 203 bets placed.  

Tipster 17) Nics Picks – In outright and ew golf betting you are working with huge odds, particularly on the betting exchanges and often events are priced up in such a way that there is huge potential for profit. As with all betting, a good numerical mind is essential, added to a deep knowledge of your sport and for all you golf betting enthusiasts Nic has the answers.  With the PGA tour and majors already covered by GPG we will only use Nics Picks for European Tour Golf.  For early prices join his mailing list.  Current Level Stakes £10.  No longer in use.  Tipster 17 finished 11 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-32.9%, LSP=-79.9 from 388 bets placed.  

Tipster 18) Betalchemist – the tipping service on everyone’s lips currently, Nicky Doyles, Betalchemist recently voted by tipster review website as the number 1 horse racing tipsters of 2014.  He has proofed to the secret betting club and the figures make great writing.  As we currently have no more room for UK racing tipsters we will be following Nicky in his specialist subject of Irish racing only.  Current Level Stakes £20  No longer in use.  Tipster 18 finished 10 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-35.3%, LSP=-43.4 from 155 bets placed.

Tipster 19) Aiden Monroe – Horse Racing Profit is headed by Professional Punter Richard Fox who for the past eighteen years has been making consistent profits year in year out. (30% discount code: B7N2GZ) £400 starting bank.  Bets advised as a percentage of bank.  No longer in use.  Tipster 19 finished 7 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-2.51%, LSP=-4.11 from 252 bets placed.

Tipster 20) Betfair EW golf bets – provided by several tipsters including   and   Current Level Stakes £15

Total P/L betting £5 EW 2016 Season: +£434.84

Total P/L betting £5 EW 2015 Season: +£958.37

Total P/L betting £5 EW 2014 Season: +£251.75

Tipster 21) @Kirklegate – I have been proofing Kirks tips for several years now and he is one of the best out there.  Best to add a notification alert to his twitter account.  Current Level stakes £10.

2016 Season: 474 bets LSP -14.4 ROI -3.46%

2015 Season: 550 bets LSP 132.59 ROI 20.46%

2014 Season: 396 bets LSP 25.49 ROI 2.81%

Tipster 22) Enigma Horse NAPs –  regular on the racecourse, and in the bookies posting tips daily on twitter timeline and on (NAP, NB & IWAC)!  Some fantastic results over the last 6 months and worth a go.  Current Level Stakes £2.5.  No longer in use.  Tipster 21 finished 5 months in The Portfolio with ROI=-20.41%, LSP=-296 from 427 bets placed.

Tipster 23) @Spinitg – Seanie Glesson is a very well respected Irish horse racing punter.  He kindly puts all is selections up on twitter and seems to fins a lot of big priced winners.  My staking plan at, £10 per point, for Seanie’s selections are as follows:

1 pt if capitalised

0.5 pts if not capitalised

0.5 pts for multiples

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